Saturday, January 15, 2011


It is hard to believe just how old the Dumbo Disney animated movie is - it was made in 1941. Dumbo was the 4th film made by Disney and is based on a story  written by Helen Aberson and illustrated by Harold Pearl. The main character is Jumbo Jr. an elephant who is  nicknamed "Dumbo" and  ridiculed for his big ears. What is cruel friends don't know is that his ears are so big because he can actually use them to fly. Throughout the movie his only true friend, aside from his mother, is a  mouse called Timothy.

Disney Studios hoped that the movie Dumbo would recoup the financial losses suffered due to Fantasia which didn't do as well as predicted. With Dumbo the Disney Studios purposely kept everything simple  and  economical  and in fact, at just 64 minutes long, it is one of Disney's shortest animated features.

If you like the Dumbo movie and Jumbo Junior, then you'll like these coloring pages. Click on the coloring sheet you like best and it will open full size - then print.

With its messages about friendship, acceptance, courage and believing in yourself, Walt Disney's Dumbo is a timeless classic for children of all ages and shows Walt Disney at his finest.


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