Sunday, January 16, 2011

Normal is just a cycle on a washing machine...

The Flatulence Deoderizer (I shit you not!)

The Fart Pad is a three-ply activated charcoal cloth pad, that is secured inside the underwear similar to a panty liner. It absorbs the intestinal gas odour right at the source before it gets into the air, and others can smell it.

The Hamster Shredder

This useless device doesn't actually shred your hamster (no, no that would just be plain cruel; see gerballing) but this is a paper shredder plonked directly on to of yer wee furry friend's cage to supposedly save you time and effort.  Or something?

Yes, ladies and gentleman, light up your ass while taking a dump!  Open the lid and the light goes on, lower it and it goes off.  Good for those bitches that have love the Battle of the Bathroom Sexes and have an issue with their partner leaving the toilet seat up. 
Available in green or red...

Barfume of paint-stripping quality. 
Prank your pals with this reeky winner!
Get revenge today on that arsehold at work. 
Liquid Ass in his general direction and he won't ask stupid questions again.

perfect for during pregnancy or just plain, lazy fat chicks


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